Say hello to the future of e.Commerce
Donatello – a studio specializing in product
photography for digital trading platforms.

We produce original visual content.

Our studio, using the most advanced robotic technology of its kind, produces video and stills of the highest quality.

The operation was planned and operated by key people in the fields of photography, creative, technology and marketing.

The future of product photography –  simple.

How does it work and what do you get?

  1. We shoot your products – cosmetics, food and beverages, fashion, jewelry and more – using our unique robotic technology.
  2. Precise. Very accurate. Maintaining identical proportions and frame design for large quantities of the same in infinite products.
  3. Rich. 4-5 angles in stills and 360 degrees for videos.

  4. Fast. Only a few minutes per product. There is no preparation time, no redirects. Automatic shooting.

  5. High quality. Spectacular photos, video on 4K and a team of leading players in the field who brings the necessary professional knowledge.

  6. Easy. The material is edited and staged. We tailor the products to your needs, both in terms of using online stores of various kinds and as complementary content for use on social networks.

  7. Accessible. Our services are priced at the same price levels as professional photography in the “ordinary” market.

  8. Effective. We built a web interface of our own. The materials are uploaded to our servers and through your account at a dedicated interface you can watch, filter and download.